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For many people investing is just about earning a financial return. But for many others its also about helping to contribute to the changes that need to happen. 

ESG scoring can get you part of the way there, it can give you data and it can help ensure your investments are aligned with your values. But we believe a large part of managing the transitions that climate change will bring comes from investing in the goods & services of the future, the ones that will make the old fossil fuel based economy redundant. This isn't about high risk start ups, most of the technologies are already known & proven, we just need to make sure they are properly commercialised.

To do this sensibly, we need to create informed choice. This requires us to understand how the transitions will develop, over what time frame, what the risks and opportunities are and what business models stand to win or lose. Along the way we need to watch out for vested interest, green washing and green wishing.

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