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A personal perspective. Nearly three decades in the finance industry have taught me that the easy answer is often the wrong one. That we need to dig below the surface, accept that the real world is complicated and messy, and that every choice involves trade-offs and compromises. And every choice is personal to us, we need our own solutions, not ones that are produced for the mass market. 

Lake Tekapo in the New Zealand high country is not only beautiful, and a great example of the type of environment we want to protect, but it also encapsulates many of the sustainability related challenges we face. The often eroded high country land around it is seen in very different ways by different groups. The merino farmers, the tourists, the local Maori, the operators of the hydro generation, and the conservationists, all see the land through very contrasting lens. Balancing these often conflicting objectives is challenging.

Sustainable investing is similar - every choice we make has trade offs and compromises, winners and losers. As much as we want to, we cannot over simplify, its not about sound bites and tweets. Making informed decisions takes effort, there are no short cuts.

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